A decentralized exchange for Cardano and smartBCH. On a mission towards a decentralized future.

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MuesliSwap Exchange

Our ambition to become the #1 DEX.

We are proud to announce that MuesliSwap has just launched on Smart Bitcoin Cash. As one of the first DEXs on smart Bitcoin Cash, MuesliSwap has an exciting journey ahead. What's more, we are planning to launch a DEX on Cardano soon!

Check the documentation to see how to get started trading and providing liquidity, or be a part of the journey by investing in MILK, our governance token!

MILK Token

MILK, our governance token.

MILK is the token that powers the MuesliSwap ecosystem. Just like real milk, MILK has many useful benefits:

  • Rewards: Receive MILK from farming on the exchange
  • Governance: Vote on proposals for MuesliSwap sBCH
  • Growth: Support future growth of the Muesli ecosystem

Pre-sale of MILK is starting this week!

Our Roadmap.

We have just started the journey and are more than excited to build the #1 DEX. We are a team of committed computer scientists based in Switzerland.

Q1 2021

The idea of MuesliSwap was born!

Q2 2021

Initial concept and design
First working prototypes
Research of Plutus smart contracts

Q3 2021

DEX launched on smartBCH
Cardano prototype of MuesliSwap
MILK pre-sale & MuesliFarming

Start Q4 2021

Release of MuesliSwap DEX on Cardano
Development of MuesliNFT & MuesliPad

Q4 2021

Social media presence & marketing
The journey continues..

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On a mission towards a decentralized future!